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Pressure Pro PC Software Revision History

Version Date Description Link to Download
v2.10 06/6/2015 A digital averaging filter has been added to the very high pressure probe software to suppress signal noise. A zero offset feature has been added to allow user to adjust for any offset error on the very high pressure probe. Download v2.10
v2.00 03/6/2015 Support for the new Very High Pressure 5000 (psi) probe added along with new Auto Set selections.  Addition of Units feature where user can now display data in units of psi, kpa, or bar.  Autosense feature will now detect which probe (high pressure or very high pressure) is plugged in and configure the software accordingly. No longer available
v1.10 12/16/2013 Fix for users with Mozilla as default browser where an error would result when attempting to view help content.
Fix for tooltip timestamp popup corrections.
No longer available